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Meet Our Teachers

What Our Clients Say

Alexa's lessons have made me more comfortable performing in front of others and I can speak more confidently now. Her lessons feel like a safe space for me, she respects my name and pronouns and always makes sure I'm comfortable with the character parts before we work on them

Gray (sTUDENT)

How Does iT wORK?

For private lessons, our teachers come to you! We also offer lessons virtually.

For group classes, we rent out a space in your community and students come to us.

Do I need to Buy a Piano?

The piano is going to be the most common instrument the student will interact with whether it's voice or piano lessons.
It is important that piano students have something to practice with at home in between lessons. We recommend at least a 61 key weighted keyboard (88 is preferred)

How Many Lessons?

We reccomend students take lessons on a weekly basis. We have seen exponential growth and progress this way.

We have other scheduling options for students, but accommodation is based on teacher availability

Do you have a recital?

We do offer a recital every year in May!

All recitals are optional for students to register for.

Our Mission

The Alexa Teebo Studio does more than just provide private instruction. We aim to remain accessible to students wishing to participate in the arts for recreation or even to prepare for (or even maintain) a career as a professional. We strive to maintain artistic integrity while teaching, but we also want to create a learning environment that promotes excitement and a love for the performing arts. While we travel to our students for lessons, we also partner with organizations within their communities to provide low cost group programming where possible. Our teachers are all active performers themselves in addition to being well versed in arts education - to provide a holistic approach to our students and their diverse abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We look forward to working with you.

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